Jongin: I enjoy meditation. Dance and I have been together as one just naturally since I was born. At what point are you an adult? I don’t want to classify myself as an adult or not an adult. When a single droplet of water falls in the dark, it splashes. An image where that droplet fell gradually spreads out. In moments like those I like to add color and think.

Also Jongin: I can’t cook. I tried to add corn to my eggs but it was tasteless. I added ketchup and it was really tasteless. At this moment I had the feeling that I can’t cook


And so when someone say “they are even more handsome in real life”, I shake my head wondering “how?”

hello, where did you find all their movies and dramas to watch?? I’m interesting in watching them over this summer but I don’t know where to start (if it’s okay for you to list them)


YEHET Let’s do it (These are only for Movies and Dramas)

Kim Junmyeon’s One Way Trip: get the tissues because you are gonna bawl your eyes out

Do Kyungsoo’s Pure Love: make sure you keep some tissues from suho’s movies because this one is also going to ruin your life

Do Kyungsoo’s It’s Okay, That’s Love: D.o invented acting with this (16 episodes, 59 minutes each)

Do Kyungsoo’s Hello Monster: D.o is in a few episodes only but he just slays in every single scene, but I recommend to watch the whole show because it’s amazing (also, Park Bo Gum is on it) 16 episodes, 59 minutes each.

Do Kyungsoo’s Cart: I sincerely hope you still have some tissues left

Kim Minseok’s Falling For Challenge: he’s in high school??? (6 episodes, 15 minutes each)

Kim Jongin’s Choco Bank: 6 episodes, 15 minutes each, you are NOT READY for this man’s talent and beauty, it’s gonna hurt!

Chanyeol’s Salute D’Amour I’m gonna be honest and say that I haven’t watched this one yet

Zhang Yixing’s Oh My God!: This was quite weird, but also funny. Mostly it didn’t make sense at all, but Lay’s with a baby, so…

Zhang Yixing’s Ex Files 2: The BackUp Strikes Back: Lay is only in a few scenes, but kinda funny

Zhang Yixing’s To Be a Better Man: 42 episodes, 45 minutes each. Lay’s first appearance is on episode 12, but so far they’ve subbed only until ep 5. I recommend watching all of it if you’re patient enough and have some free time, I really liked it, Lay’s role is quite funny and adorable and he has a lot of screen time once he first shows up. If you want to check out all 42 episodes even without subs, check HERE, and if you want to watch all Lay’s cuts subbed, check HERE (if i’m not mistakes, there are some episodes missing, but they’re still updating it)

Zhang Yixing’s The Mystic Nine: Episode 1 to 8, All Credits go to this amazing person. This show isn’t really my style, but I’ll be watching it for Lay, my lovely bias wrecker! (This is going to have 48 episodes, holy unicorns!)

EXO Next Door: Iconic Masterpiece!! Episodes 1-3, and episodes 4-16. (watch those on youtube to support, if you care) Apparently there is a love triangle involving Chanyeol, D.o and a girl??? I’m not sure tho, I was too focused on Sehun and the little dude’s bromance, and also this happened:

Upcoming Movies/Dramas to ruin our lives a little more:

Xiumin’s Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River. It was released on July 6th, I’m waiting for subs in hd quality

Chanyeol’s So I married an Anti-Fan, released on June 30, also waiting for subs and hd quality

Ps: His wikipedia page is listing a drama called “Gaia” but I have no further information about this so far, he is not confirmed yet

Suho’s How Are You Bread. Apparently this drama will be released on December 😀

Baekhyun’s Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It’ll be released on August 29th with 20 episodes

D.o’s With God, to be released in 2017 // Brother, to be released this year

Lay’s Kung Fu Yoga, to be released in 2017 (with Jackie Chan, holy unicorns 2.0) // Unexpected Love, to be released this year

Sehun’s Catman, to be released in March, 2017 and to save mankind and end my existence.