Jongin: I enjoy meditation. Dance and I have been together as one just naturally since I was born. At what point are you an adult? I don’t want to classify myself as an adult or not an adult. When a single droplet of water falls in the dark, it splashes. An image where that droplet fell gradually spreads out. In moments like those I like to add color and think.

Also Jongin: I can’t cook. I tried to add corn to my eggs but it was tasteless. I added ketchup and it was really tasteless. At this moment I had the feeling that I can’t cook

I’m sorry because this is gonna be another disgustingly biased post but I just don’t understand how anyone could dislike Kim Jongin??? I mean Jongin literally sprouts flowers off his head and heals broken hearts with his laughter. He’s a five year old shy kid trapped in a glorious man’s body. The only kind of people I could picture not liking him are the same kind that reject love and cuddling and don’t like puppies or other baby animals and those are not the kind of people I need in my life