Jongin: I enjoy meditation. Dance and I have been together as one just naturally since I was born. At what point are you an adult? I don’t want to classify myself as an adult or not an adult. When a single droplet of water falls in the dark, it splashes. An image where that droplet fell gradually spreads out. In moments like those I like to add color and think.

Also Jongin: I can’t cook. I tried to add corn to my eggs but it was tasteless. I added ketchup and it was really tasteless. At this moment I had the feeling that I can’t cook

dad: ah look it’s my old highschool *looks off into the distance*
me: *squinting at whatever he’s looking at* ur old highschool was yum yum donuts?
brother: *chokes back his fake tears* jules u actually said something funny im so proud of u

For some reason I decided to stay up until 6 in the morning reading a fanfic that was recommended to me and all I remember is that Krystal was a character in the fic and she could conjure jewels and I was like she can conjure me anytime and then I was like wait..

I am Jules

Jules = Jewels

Krystal = Crystal

Jewels = Crystal

I am Krystal

And then I laughed until I started tearing up and passed out on my bed

mom: get up we have plans

me: ok mom will do

me: *sinks deeper into bed*